Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

Late night...

    And while all the girls went partyin, I stayed at home...
Asking the world why love has to be so damn complicated.
Why can't you just love the one who loves you more than his own life?
Why can't you just love the one who gives you heart-shaped chocolates though you said no?
Tho one who stays up with you all night to answer stupid internet questions like "what was your most embarrassing moment of all time?" and watch funny childhood-movies till it's five o'clock in the morning?
You know, the one with whom you can fight all day and still feel kind of good because you know he will never leave you alone? The one who tries to pull heaven down to earth just for you? The one who counts the stars with you?
Hey, crying girls out there complaining about how all the guys are assholes with no heart: you're wrong.

I found the one who can make me laugh whenever I feel miserable. 
So I ask you... Why can't I just love him?

Why cant you just feel again what you felt once? </3